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“Ukrzaliznytsya” to create a powerful mess of drone operators: what to do about it

AT “Ukrzaliznytsia” is forming a unit that, with the help of drones, will monitor and guard the hall Essential infrastructure. Veterans of the salvage industry will reach this warehouse, having recovered from their wounds and turned back from the front.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via a post on the Ukrzaliznytsia website.

The initiative will help ensure the protection of the salvage. nothing about 'ektiv, and also allow veterans to retain their military certificate and skills in civilian work.

The transport company has already signed a memorandum with the Kruk UAV Operator Training Center. The training, for now, will be carried out using an additional online platform for veterans, which the Center is creating simultaneously with the Rebirth Foundation.

The Center's instructors will be engaged in the retraining of military veterans. They will begin piloting drones, as well as engineering training, maintenance and maintenance of drones.

UAVs will be used to combat the theft of the Ukrzaliznytsia mine on stations and hauls, detection of crime, detection of theft of locomotives, Inspection of infrastructure during the war period, as well as for participation in the investigation of transport facilities.

The first step will be the creation of a test unit. Further, on this basis, it is planned to create a barrier that will help ensure the efficiency of the work of the zaliznytsia in the future.

Guess what, a new scandal has recently arisen at Ukrzaliznytsya. Investigative measures revealed that the company still has other receipts with Russian translation. The problem lies in the outdated software and printers on the cash registers.

Ukrzaliznytsia also recently launched a car transportation service.

This hour, nine stations of the Moscow Electric Train near Kiev are changing their names and.< /p>

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