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Why is the lower temperature unique when it becomes colder: explanation to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center

In recent years, the highest wind temperatures in Ukraine were observed in the first half of August. Now the record heat came a month earlier.

This was reported in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine by the deputy head of the weather forecasting department of the Ukrainian meteorological center Natalia Golenya.

Maximum temperatures

“For the first half of July this is unknown, since in our climate the warmest half of May arrived, and the maximum temperatures were recorded in the first half of August,” she said.

In fact, Golenya mentioned 2010, when the greatest heat was at the end of July – on the beginning of August, and on August 12 the temperature in Lugansk rose to 42 degrees – the highest value.

“As we reach the next few days, Saturday-week and Monday-Tuesday, then to what extent we have the maximum values ​​in the sickle. Now these values ​​will be in the middle of the linden tree. The axis of which is unique,” ​​the forecaster explained.

Reason speck

As Golenya explained, the reason for speck is that the tropical winds from the daytime come to Ukraine in altitude. The cob came from the beginning immediately, and now – from the beginning.

“The Sea has migrated from Africa to the Mediterranean, and the closest three to five times will come to us from the depths of the Balkans, and on The Balkans are being consumed from Africa,” she said.

In other words, during the day, if the weather is mild, there is intense heating. “Therefore, we have the highest values, maximum temperatures, which will already exceed 30 degrees and will probably reach 40,” the forecaster said.

Decrease in temperature

According to the forecast of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, there will be a slight decline in the coming summer. The decrease in temperature from Monday, 15 pm, will occur at the end of Ukraine, from Tuesday – on the evening.

“Also on Sunday, the end of the day will decrease to 18-20 pm,” she said.

Golenya clarified that with today’s weather conditions, there will be colder winds at sunset and early afternoon, and the temperature in Kiev may drop to 25-30 degrees, on the day before – 30-3 5 degrees Forecasters also do not turn it off for this hour dosh.

At the same time in the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center one more thicket of sand in the sickle can be found. “Summer is not over yet,” the weather forecaster stated.

It seems that the rest of the day the weather in Ukraine will be sultry, and the temperature will drop to 40 degrees Celsius this week.

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