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Zaluzhny on the defense of Avdievka and Bakhmut: If the forces are not enough, it is better to save people, and only then recapture

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine called on “not to make a show” in crisis situations.

Zaluzhny on the defense of Avdievka and Bakhmut: If the forces are not enough, it is better to save, it is better to save people ></p>
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<p>Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny commented on the situation in Avdiivka, which Russian troops are trying to capture.</p>
<p>He spoke about this at a briefing.</p>
<p>“Every piece of our land is dear to us.. And whether it’s Bakhmut or Avdeevka, we will defend exactly as much as we can. . “Everything will depend on the situation,” Zaluzhny said.</p>
<p>He also called on politicians and journalists “not to make a show” about crisis situations.</p>
<p>“There is no need to get hung up and make some kind of show or mourning near a specific settlement. The conduct of military operations is subject to its own laws, which do not depend on whether commanders, politicians or journalists like it or not,” the commander-in-chief emphasized.</p >
<p>Zaluzhny also noted that they are currently discussing a law on mobilization so that there is justice.</p>
<p>“Everyone must defend Ukraine. Not only those who ended up in the military commissariat, and then in a military unit in 2022 – 2023. The war, unfortunately, continues,” added the commander-in-chief.</p>
<h3>Why don’t the Russians stop attempts to capture Avdiivka</h3>
<li>The New York Times called Avdiivka a Ukrainian stronghold in the Donetsk region. Taking Avdiivka would be a strategic success for Russia—the city is the linchpin of Ukrainian defense in the region—and would be a blow to Ukrainian morale. </li>
<li>The Chairman of the Avdiivka MBA called the Coke and Chemical Plant in the city a “sacred” place for the occupiers, like Azovstal in Mariupol.</li>
<li>Back in March, the Defense Forces said that Avdiivka could become a second Bakhmut, where Heavy fighting continued. The situation remains difficult to this day – the city is under fire around the clock, and assault operations in the direction do not stop. The occupiers compensate for all their failures on the battlefield with massive shelling of the city, where civilians are still located.</li>
<li>The Russians are also trying to find a well between the destroyed Maryinka and Avdeevka.</li>
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