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British intelligence told how the Russian Federation will try to replace the downed A-50s and how this will affect the offensive of the invaders

Today, information has already been heard from the Speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuriy Ignat – the “landing” of more than ten Su-34 and Su-35, not including two more A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft, forced Putin’s army somewhat minimize the activity by applying “psychological pressure” (the last type of enemy aircraft did not appear near Ukraine for more than 6 days), however, apparently, the invaders will try to restore their potential.

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About the fact that the reduction in the intensity of enemy flights may last until the “liberators” carry out internal investigative measures regarding the complete failure to protect these aircraft, including thinking through a methodology to reduce the degree of threat that our country’s air defense has begun to pose , writes NBN, referring to the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

According to British military intelligence analysts, the loss of the A-50, which provides day-to-day control, command and control of air operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces, is very likely to significantly worsen the situational awareness of other aircraft pilots, adding a “capability gap” that the Russian Federation does not ;able to afford it because it fears losing the disputed airspace over the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

Thus, the terrorist state will be forced to find options to overcome the above difficulties by re-equipping aviation or re-mothballing identical aircraft, and  simultaneous taking of great risks, with the aim of ensuring effective support from the sky, which, moreover, is seriously needed by the ground units of the “second army of the world” leading the offensive, which, very possibly, will become a long-term problem, which has become too aggravated after withdrawal of the A-50.

Earlier, we wrote about that in OK South” told what alternatives to the A-50 the occupiers use after the “demilitarization” of the aircraft.

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