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Experts from the Ministry of Health told us what absolutely should not be done if bitten by a tick.

ByJohn Newman

Apr 15, 2024

With the onset of warm weather, ticks that carry the pathogens of borreliosis and encephalitis become more active in nature and in green areas of cities. Specialists from the Ministry of Health told what absolutely should not be done in case of an arthropod bite.

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Ministry of Health specialists told what absolutely should not be done if you are bitten by a tick

Photo – pexels .com/Erik Karits

The Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has refuted three traditional methods that some people still use to remove ticks from the body, NBN reports.

According to specialists, it is strictly forbidden to pull out an arachnid, crush it, or pour alcohol or oil into it. It is recommended to purchase a special device for removing ticks at the nearest pet store or veterinary pharmacy.

Using this device, you need to carefully swing the bloodsucker's body and carefully begin to twist it in one direction. This method will help to completely remove the tick from the skin without leaving its head in the wound.

If there is no special device, follow the same procedure, using tweezers or a thread loop. You can also pull out the arthropod simply with your fingers, having previously wrapped them in a napkin for protection.

After removing the bloodsucker, treat the wound with an antiseptic and wash your hands with soap. Monitor your well-being for three weeks; if your temperature rises or redness appears on your skin, seek medical help – these symptoms may indicate an infection.

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