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Gosenergonadzor will check the correct application of power outage schedules in several regions

ByJohn Newman

Jul 11, 2024

Energy supply companies, simply regional energy companies, regularly apply consumption limitation schedules due to the crisis state of the relevant infrastructure, destroyed by Russian strikes, but, as it turned out, not according to the principle of “fairness.”

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Gosenergonadzor will check the correct application schedules of power outages in several regions

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About the fact that an in-depth check will be carried out in the near future in a number of regional energy companies, affecting the uniformity of the introduction of power outage schedules, writes NBN, referring to the statement of the head of the State Energy Supervision Inspectorate of Ukraine Ruslan Slobodyan, published on the official page of this department.

According to Slobodyan, The structure he heads permanently controls the issue of implementing hourly de-energization schedules. In in particular, we are talking about carefully monitoring the flow of requests from Ukrainians regarding the unfair distribution of energy resources.

As it became known, large-scale violations are already noticeable in several areas (first Dnepropetrovsk region, and then,  another 5-6 regions of the country), where, of course, in the short term, scrupulous checks will take place, within the framework of which the supervisory authority will study exactly how the distribution system operator adhered to the “social justice” scheme in the supply of electricity.

Earlier, we wrote about that DTEK listed electrical appliances, the use of which should be limited in order to save money.


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