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Pavlyuk predicted the interception of the initiative at the front in favor of Ukraine: when will this happen?

ByJohn Newman

Mar 7, 2024

Alexander Pavlyuk, who is the commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made a statement that our country this year will be able to stabilize the front line and will begin to prepare for counterstrike actions to seize the initiative.

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 Pavlyuk predicted the interception of the initiative at the front in favor of Ukraine: when will this happen

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As NBN reports with reference to Suspilne, Lieutenant General Pavlyuk announced this on the air of the United News telethon.

So, according to the military man, now there is a difficult but controlled situation on the battlefield. Russia is attempting to occupy as much Ukrainian territory as possible and wants to do this before the Russian presidential elections scheduled for this month. This is why the Russian Federation throws people who have just been mobilized to the front, without undergoing any training. They are given only minor instructions and thrown into battle. And everything is done just to seize the initiative.

Verbatim from Pavlyuk’s statement:

Our task is to stabilize the front line, to destroy the enemy as much as possible, which is what we are doing. We also need to regroup as much as possible to withdraw units that now need to be re-equipped and restored to training grounds in order to create a strike force this year and carry out counterstrike operations. We manage to achieve this. The situation is stabilizing.

In addition, according to Pavlyuk, there are currently several hot areas left where the enemy is maximizing his own forces. According to him, this is Avdiivka, the direction of Chasovoy Yar, the direction of Terna towards Liman.

As far as is known, on February 13, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Syrsky, stated that Ukraine had switched from offensive to defensive actions.


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