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Quick smartphone discharge: experts named several non-obvious reasons for the problem

ByJohn Newman

Jan 21, 2024

In standard situations, the unexpected discharge of the device’s battery can be explained simply – the owner intensively uses the smartphone on the Internet, that is, leaving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3/4/5G connected, or using demanding applications.

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Rapid discharge of a smartphone: experts named several non-obvious reasons for the problem

Photo – itechua.com

About the fact that in addition Despite the energy-intensive functions described above, less noticeable services can also drain the battery, writes NBN, citing the iTECHua material.

In particular, the following functionality actively “drains” the battery:

  • vibration mode – a working vibration motor “consumes” quite a lot of energy, since the smartphone “shakes” every time you press the virtual keyboard, discharging the “device” alarmingly quickly;
  • a constantly running voice assistant from Google due to a stably turned on microphone, it significantly increases the energy load;
  • the color gamut of the display is too bright—you should reduce its level, and the battery life will be much longer.

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