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Terekhov said whether evacuation from Kharkov is planned in connection with regular Russian attacks on the city

ByJohn Newman

Apr 1, 2024

The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, said whether the authorities plan to evacuate the city’s residents due to regular shelling of the populated area by troops of the Russian Federation.

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Photo – objectiv.tv

In an interview with LIGA.net, the city mayor said that for now The authorities and military, despite the regular shelling of Kharkov by Russian occupiers, do not see the need to evacuate the population from the city, NBN reports.

According to the official, evacuations are now taking place from settlements in the region where fighting is taking place, these people go to the regional center. Today the population of Kharkov is 1.3 million inhabitants. Messages about evacuation are part of the enemy’s information and psychological operations with the aim of intimidating citizens.

Terehov noted that for attacks on the regional center, the Russian Armed Forces most often use S-300 missiles, which reach it in 40 seconds. In addition, the invaders are launching Shahed kamikaze drones around the city, and are also using new weapons – projectiles with a longer range of action.

Earlier, the Center for Operations and Operations commented on reports of the attack of 350 000 Russian invaders on Kharkov.


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