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3 happy moments a day: how to add positivity with a simple rule

Getting out of the vicious circle of bad mood, dissatisfaction with life and complaints is easier than it seems. Sometimes you need a little more than nothing: just 3 happy moments a day, says WomanEL.

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To live longer, we need to take care of our mental health from the moment we we wake up. It is enough to devote just a few minutes a day to good habits.

Give yourself something positive three times a day. Source: pinterest.com

Experts note that priority should be given to the production of so-called “well-being hormones.” You can achieve harmony in everyday life using the “rule of three positive things a day.”

Triple “thank you”

The ability to give thanks is a hallmark of happy people. Get into the habit of openly saying “thank you” three times every day – to friends, family members, pleasant events or good weather.

Just a few minutes spent in gratitude will remind you of the good, lift your spirits and teach you to appreciate the unnoticed at first. look pleasant moments.

Three positives per day

Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarens, director of the Clarins group, believes that you need to give yourself something positive three times a day and do it very easily. You can journal, cook, hug someone for 30 seconds, or enjoy coffee without doing anything else.

3 happy moment of the day. Source: pinterest.com

Stop 3 Beautiful Moments

Florence Servan-Schreiber, author of Three News A Day: How to Activate Your Optimism to Be Happier, believes that writing down the details day after day develops an optimistic outlook on life.
To help yourself become happier, don’t be lazy and write down the 3 most beautiful moments you’ve experienced every day.

Also get into the habit of capturing on camera the three most beautiful and impressive moments of your day. Take photos while traveling to or from work, to the store, to pick up your child, or to a cafe.

Within a month you will have a stunning album created from bright moments that distracted you from everyday thoughts and helped see the beauty. A simple yet brilliant idea comes from successful entrepreneur Mo Gawdat, author of The Formula for Happiness.

If you apply these tips regularly, you will see significant progress and a difference in the way you feel, the way you see life and yourself.

Just dance to your favorite music… Source: pinterest.com

Dance three times a day

A great option to become a little happier dance. Just dance to your favorite music three times a day. This way of dealing with boredom may seem naively simple. But that doesn’t make it any less effective – it’s not for nothing that people dance when they are having fun and well.

Not everyone decides to dance on the street or at work, but at home listening to your favorite music is a great opportunity to smile once again, distract yourself and recharge in a good mood.

The rule of three happy moments a day has helped many cope with difficulties and recharge with optimism. Join us…

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