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Bulgakov is no longer a Master: why the Institute of National Memory recognized the writer as a Ukrainophobe

The expert commission of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance made a disappointing conclusion about the writer Mikhail Bulgakov, recognizing him as a Ukrainophobe. Currently, Bulgakov is a symbol of Russian imperial policy, writes WomanEL.

The Institute believes that Bulgakov, despite the fact that he lived in Kyiv, despised Ukrainians and Ukrainian culture. The writer hated the Ukrainian desire for independence and spoke negatively about the formation of the Ukrainian state and its leaders.

Bulgakov is no longer a Master… Source: Instagram

Among all the writers of that time, he is closest to the current ideologists of Putinism and the Kremlin’s justification for ethnocide in Ukraine.

the conclusion says.

The commission also emphasizes that there is not a single positive Ukrainian character in the writer’s works. But he parodies or mockingly distorts the Ukrainian language, laughs at the Ukrainian autocephalous church and denies the very existence of the Ukrainian nation.

Now, according to the conclusions of the expert commission, the presence of monuments and memorial signs erected in honor of Bulgakov in public space is Russian propaganda imperial policy…

We previously said that the People's Artist of Ukraine and propagandist will be put behind bars.

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