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Designers are scared too: Andre Tan advised how to recover after shelling

We live in difficult conditions, when daily news comes in that shakes our mental state. After terrible shelling, it is very difficult to return to normal life and business as usual. It’s difficult for everyone now: show business stars, designers, the military and ordinary citizens, writes WomanEL.

Designers too scary. Source: Instagram

According to Ukrainian fashion designer Andre Tan, like most Ukrainians, he is very frightened by the events in the country. He uses several techniques to recover from the explosions.

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When we are sleeping peacefully or minding our own business and suddenly there is a loud explosion, it seems as if our heart will jump out. You are filled with fear for your life, your loved ones, and the feeling that you can’t do anything about it. My only wish is that it all ends soon. And then you need to go to work, have the strength to work,

the designer shared.

Andre Tan. Source: Instagram

Advice from Andre Tan on how to quickly calm yourself down:

  • In order to bring your breathing and heartbeat to a calm level, you need to do the “Breathing in a Square” exercise. Take a deep breath (4 sec), hold your breath (4 sec), exhale (4 sec), hold your breath (4 sec). Repeat several times.
  • To regain at least some control over the situation, you need to imagine a protective, energy dome above you, protecting, protecting you.
  • After the next explosion, exhale deeply, thank you for being alive. Remember how in childhood, when we did something, but our parents “didn’t get it”, “blown away”. We exhale with relief, we feel calm.
  • In the morning we do several things that fill us up. Inhale the smells, slow down, enjoy the moment. Pleasant music, hugs, pampering with pets, nature inspires with its beauty.
  • Take care of your body. He needs enough water, sleep, fresh air, healthy food and physical activity.

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