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   See "The Trials of Henry Kissinger" While You Can


See “The Trials of Henry Kissinger” While You Can

by Scott Loughrey

I highly recommend “The Trials of Henry Kissinger,” a documentary film that is playing at the Charles theater only until Thurs., Dec. 5. It’s well worth an Academy Award. The film explains where Dr. Kissinger came from and how powerful he became (and still is). Inspired by the Christopher Hitchens book, it covers three areas of particular concern: Vietnam/Cambodia, East Timor and Chile. It includes interviews from former aides and associates of Dr. Kissinger, as well as present-day foes. It’s strongest when the narrator, Brian Cox, reads excerpts obtained from Freedom of Information (FOI) requests that detail Kissinger’s involvement in the coup that toppled Salvadore Allende in Chile, as well as the invasion of East Timor by Indonesia.

The 80-minute film is also important because it provides clear motives for policy choices made by the Nixon and Ford administrations. Such important context is not often served up in the mainstream media; and when it is, it often is portrayed in a manner that doesn't resonate. (If one doesn't already know that most powerful figures are heartless bastards coming into this film, they sure will when they walk out of it.)

To appoint such a tainted person as Kissinger—“war criminal” comes to mind—to head the 9/11 investigation should alarm anyone who wants more scrutiny given to what top officials in the U.S. government knew (and were doing) surrounding the events of that day.

See “The Trials of Henry Kissinger” while it is still possible for such a film to be shown in this country.

Critic’s Addendum: Such a brief exposure of this film at The Charles is unfortunate. The showing I saw on Nov. 30 was packed, and other showings have reportedly been similarly crowded. Call 410-467-3456 for the theater’s latest schedule; maybe there will be an extension of the run.

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This story was published on December 4, 2002.
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