• 21/06/2024 16:18

Cashback from the state: NBU hopes for Mastercard’s support in implementing the “Buy Ukrainian” program

The National Bank of Ukraine hopes for technical support in the implementation of the Cashback program for the purchase of Ukrainian goods. This was stated by the head of the NBU Andriy Pyshny on his Facebook page.

Cashback from the state: the NBU hopes for Mastercard’s support in implementing the “Buy Ukrainian” program

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According to him, during a meeting with Mastercard representatives, the NBU discussed implementation of the Ukrainian cashback program “Buy Ukrainian.”

“We hope to deepen cooperation with Mastercard in these areas and will be grateful for technical support,” wrote Pyshny.

He noted that he also other topics were discussed, including the issues of expanding financial inclusion for uninterrupted access of citizens to financial services in all remote, front-line and de-occupied regions.

Buy Ukrainian program

Recall that President Vladimir Zelensky at presentation of the “Made in Ukraine” platform on February 26, he said that Ukrainians will be able to receive compensation for part of the payment for goods and services produced in Ukraine.

According to him, the corresponding instruction to the government is now developing this program, and it should work already in 2024.

According to the adviser to the head of the O P Daria Zarovnaya, the preliminary mechanism will be similar to the one that was with the “Support” card, that is, it could be a virtual card in a bank. You can spend funds exclusively on goods produced in Ukraine.


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