• 13/06/2024 12:46

Ethereum developers have activated the Dencun hard fork

On Wednesday, March 13, the Ethereum team successfully implemented the Dencun (Deneb-Cancun) update on the main network. This is reported by Forklog.

Ethereum developers have activated the Dencun hard fork

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One of the main components of the update is EIP-4844. It includes the Proto-Danksharding option, designed to scale the network by creating a new type of transaction for large binary data arrays (BLOBs).

This is expected to significantly reduce fees for L2 solutions, especially those based on the technology Rollups.

According to IntoTheBlock experts, in Arbitrum the fee for a swap transaction will be reduced on average from $2.02 to $0.4, in Optimism – from $1.42 to $0.28, and in Base it will drop to $0.01.

Similar expectations from the upgrade were voiced by the Polygon team, confirming that the biggest winners will be rollups like zkEVM, Linea, Scroll and zkSync.


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