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Olivier index: how the cost of salad has changed over the year

Specialists of the Ukrainian delivery service Zakaz.ua at the end of the year analyzed the prices of products included in the popular salad in the capital's supermarkets and calculated how much on average it costs Ukrainians to prepare Olivier for a family at home.

Olivier index: how the cost of salad has changed over the year

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Total cost of products

The most expensive salad component consistently remains boiled sausage (costs on average 249 UAH/kg) and cucumbers (costs about 99 UAH/kg). However, compared to last year’s prices, the cost of these products increased insignificantly, by 2% and 4%, respectively.

The price of potatoes jumped even more—almost three times. In December 2022, it cost an average of 8.50 UAH/kg, while now it costs about 22 UAH/kg. The price of green peas also increased by 23%.

Olivier index: how the cost of salad has changed over the year

In turn, prices for eggs have become cheaper. Now their cost on supermarket shelves is about 58 UAH per dozen, which is 9% lower than in December 2022. At the same time, mayonnaise fell in price by 11%. A pack of sauce with a fat content of 72% and weighing 300 grams costs about 35 UAH, while the then price was about 40 UAH. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: the main ingredient in mayonnaise – eggs – has also become cheaper.

This year we are pleased with the prices of carrots and onions, which in December 2023 are significantly cheaper than in the past. The price of onions has fallen by 48%, costing an average of 15.90 UAH/kg. Carrots cost 12.90 UAH/kg, the price has fallen by 41%.

How the cost of preparing salad has changed

To determine the Olivier index in 2023, a classic and popular recipe for the dish was taken as the basis with ingredients based on a total weight of 3 kg.

Its composition includes the following components: potatoes, carrots, eggs, fresh or pickled cucumbers, canned peas, boiled sausage, onions, vegetables, mayonnaise.

Olivier index: how the cost of salad has changed over the year

Ultimately, it turned out that this year it will cost Ukrainians 310 UAH to prepare 3 kilograms of Olivier for a family, while as of December 28, 2022 it cost about 304 UAH. It follows that the cost of one kilogram of Olivier this year will cost approximately 104 hryvnia.

Note that for the first time in three years, the cost of salad increased by only 2%, while in December 2021 the cost increased by 21%, and in 2022 by 45%. Such unexpectedly positive dynamics cannot but rejoice, given the fact that a significant part of holiday delicacies continues to rise in price.

Olivier index: how the cost of salad has changed over the year

How much Olivier costs in supermarkets

< p>For those who want to save time and do not want to prepare the salad themselves, there is always the opportunity to purchase a ready-made dish in popular supermarkets. However, such a pleasure will cost from 174 to 295 UAH per kilogram, depending on the components of the salad products and the retail store.

Olivier Index

Olivier Index – the average amount of cost that preparation will cost salad according to the classic recipe for the table. Calculated by analogy with the borscht index.


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