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OpenAI introduced a new artificial intelligence model GPT-4o

OpenAI presented the GPT-4o artificial intelligence language model. The developers assured that the model will work the same as GPT-4, but much faster. XDA reports this.

OpenAI introduced new artificial intelligence model GPT-4o

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GPT-4o also received new voice mode technology for direct communication with ChatGPT.

The “o” in the name is short for “omni” (“comprehensive”). The new version of the model works with language, text and video. GPT-4o on average responds to audio in 320 milliseconds, which is comparable to the reaction time of a person in a conversation, the company noted.

OpenAI has always strived to make a voice conversation with ChatGPT similar to a conversation with a real person, but there is a delay with the answer I spoiled everything.

The company demonstrated a conversation with GPT-4o using voice. GPT-4o not only responded almost instantly when the speaker ended the call. AI has also responded by turning text into speech with a full sense of real-time communication.

In addition, OpenAI showed how GPT-4o can be used as a voice translator between two people speaking different languages.

In another demonstration, the GPT-4o language model told a bedtime story with the clue “work and love.” In the middle of the story, Mark from OpenAI intervened and asked GPT-4o to adjust the emotions. GPT-4o changed its voice depending on the questions, from a dramatic speech to a cold, robotic tone. In the end, GPT-4o even sang.

GPT-4o was also used to test the code. The model was able to not only explain what the code does, but also tell what would happen if some parts of it were changed.

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Typically, when OpenAI announces a new version of its ChatGPT model, it is behind a paywall. However, the company has decided to allow everyone to use this new technology, although paid users will have many more options.

The new technology will be rolled out in the next few weeks. The ChatGPT application for desktop PCs with voice and visual capabilities will soon be deployed.


The Ministry of Finance wrote that, according to Bloomberg, Apple has entered into an agreement with OpenAI to integrate functions ChatGPT on iPhone. If this agreement goes through, then Apple will finally be able to significantly update its virtual assistant Siri.


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