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How a person can recover with the power of thought: scientists conducted an experiment

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This information was reported by the Nature resource, reports URA-Inform.

How was the experiment carried out?

Scientists decided to find out whether the perception of time can influence on the speed of wound healing. The experiment included 30 participants who underwent standard procedures using vacuum therapy on the non-working hand.

The key point of the experiment was that each participant was given a timer showing a different amount of time — 14 or 56 minutes, although the real time reached zero in the same period – 28 minutes.

This created the illusion that time was moving slower for some people and faster for others, without revealing to them the details of the experiment. Participants also assessed the progress of healing and filled out questionnaires, and the bruises were photographed before and after the procedures to objectively assess changes.

Result of the experiment

The results of the study showed that that those who felt like time was passing faster were rated higher in wound healing. However, the study does have some weaknesses, such as the inability to objectively measure each participant's change in time perception.

Despite the limitations, this study provides interesting questions and may be a starting point for future research that may lead to discoveries , contributing to a faster recovery of people.

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