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How to check the condition of the heart using steps: two simple ways are named

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There are relatively simple ways to test your cardiovascular health related to stair climbing.

This information was reported by Storinka, reports URA-Inform.  

The first method

You need to climb the stairs to the fourth floor, after doing a light warm-up. Once on the fourth floor, you need to take your pulse — it should be below 140 beats per minute. If your pulse is higher, this is a reason to consult a cardiologist.

The second method is somewhat more complicated

You will need an entrance to an eleven- or twelve-story building and four minutes of time, during which you must overcome the climb from the first to the top floor.

The load, in this case, must be distributed evenly — that is, you should not start «climbing» from jumping over the stairs to being left exhausted on the top floors, overcoming them by crawling. When climbing, monitor your well-being and heartbeat.

Healthy people aged about 40 should climb to the 11th-12th floor in four minutes. If your time is significantly longer, or if you feel chest pain during the experience, then there is cause for concern.

«Physical inability to climb 12th floor in 4 minutes may be a sign of serious wear and tear of the heart muscle», — say cardiologists.

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