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How to protect windows from shock waves: useful advice that really works

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Alexander Kompanets reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

Residents of Kharkov gave some advice on how to preserve their homes and, in particular, windows during an air raid — from a possible blast wave. Detailed advice was given by Kharkov resident Alexander Kompanets.

«There is a practice-tested way to reduce the likelihood that a shock wave will break out windows. This is especially true — metal-plastic windows,” he shared.

During an air raid:

 — The windows need to be opened «to the fullest» and immediately close tightly;

 — press, but do not lock;

— Place one or two 6-liter plastic bottles of water on the windowsill and press the window sash tightly against the frame with them;

 — Do not place bottles at the base of the window (where it is attached to the frame). That is, the window should be supported by curtains on the right or left. Not below;.

Then, in the event of a nearby explosion, the window simply opens, the bottles slow it down, and they themselves fall — but they won’t break, they are plastic and the glass on the windows will remain intact.

After the raid is over, return everything to its place.

&# 171;The method works — tested more than once from our own experience. Just today: many neighbors' windows were broken, but ours — no», — noted Kompanets.

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