• 20/07/2024 15:52

In Kyiv, Uklon launched a new function: it will be cheaper and faster than regular trips

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This information was reported by U-news, URA-Inform reports.

In Kiev, the Uklon company introduced in its taxi application the function of suggesting routes with a walking part.

It is reported that when creating an order, the user is offered an alternative route option, where it is necessary to walk a little from the car to destination on foot, thereby saving time and the cost of the order.

Before offering it to the user, the service checks the offer to make sure that the specified route will be appropriate, that is, walking to the final point will be faster and more profitable than to go around.

The maximum distance that the user is asked to walk is 500 meters. If the entire travel distance (from the landing point to the final point) is less than 2000 meters, pedestrian routes will not be offered.

We recall that it was previously reported that the deformation of the tunnel between the Demeevskaya and Lybidska metro stations in Kyiv : KSCA named the reason.

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