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Is it possible to sleep with an open window: doctors shared their opinion

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This information was reported by the “Doctor in the Pocket” telegram channel, URA-Inform reports.

As it turned out, the introduction of fresh air not only promotes relaxation, but also makes breathing easier, which ultimately contributes to a faster onset of sleep. This approach can even be effective in overcoming insomnia and normalizing the functioning of the nervous system.

A closed space becomes an ideal environment for the reproduction of viruses, creating a kind of incubator.

However, regular ventilation with an open windows help sanitize the room, enriching it with oxygen and reducing the concentration of harmful microorganisms.

The results of this approach are noticeable in the quality of sleep, which becomes deeper and improves overall. An open window not only contributes to the physical purity of the air in the room, but also creates a favorable atmosphere for complete and restorative rest.

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