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Negative emotions are also useful: scientists have explained how they help a person

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This information was reported by T4, URA-Inform reports.  

In certain situations, sadness, anger, anxiety or boredom can make you act much more effectively than before.

Sadness can help recover from failure

This emotion contributes to the fact that a person begins to think in more detail and analytically. It also makes you pause for a moment and think about what happened. As a result, you can understand what contributed to the failure and prevent it in the future.

Anger prepares you to overcome obstacles

At this moment, you are completely focused on eliminating the obstacle that you have on the way to your goal. The advantage of this is the presence of motivation, faster information processing, increased impact power, better results in situations related to achieving goals.

Anxiety helps prepare for danger< /strong>

In this state, a person becomes more productive when performing tasks that require motivation and attention.

Boredom can knock you out of your usual routine. ruts

The benefit of boredom is that it motivates us to change. This condition is associated with an increased desire for risk, novelty, and creative thinking.

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