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What will happen if the Earth stops rotating: scientists answer a common question

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This information was reported by Science Alert, reports URA-Inform.

General information

The Earth, moving east at 1,673 km/h, creates a potentially catastrophic scene in which everything on it, including people, will be thrown forward at the same speed as the rotation.

Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Joseph Levy explained that in the event of a sudden stop, regardless of location, the consequences would be fatal. Trees, buildings, and even water will experience sudden acceleration, causing buildings to collapse and water to splash before impact.

What will happen after?

For those who are closer to the poles, the consequences will be less destructive, but still dangerous, since the rotation speed and axis of rotation are in these areas are smaller.

Scientists note that even if the Earth stopped rotating gradually, rather than instantly, this would also lead to catastrophic consequences. Day/night cycles, extreme heat from solar radiation, and constant formation of ice sheets would become inevitable.

Could this really happen?

Scenario A complete stop of the Earth is unlikely, given that tidal braking slows the planet's rotation by 2.3 milliseconds every 100 years. Levy added, noting that even if we used the Earth's rotation to produce energy, it would take approximately 1 million years to slow it down to a complete stop.

Recall that the “Heart” of the Earth gives strange signals: scientists have deciphered them, and understood what they mean.

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