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Why did the 3rd assault force enter Avdeevka: an expert’s explanation

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large brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This information was reported by Forbes, reports “URA” -Inform”.  

Austrian military analyst Tom explained why one of the largest brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was transferred to Avdievka.

According to him, their task was to steadily «keep the door is open» during the retreat of the garrison. This delicate moment of withdrawal represents one of the most complex tactical maneuvers available to military forces.

They essentially hold their position in the rear, providing fire support for troops leaving the front line. And they do this again and again until the front reaches a state of stability.

In the case of the operation in Avdievka, the decisive task was the withdrawal of troops from the areas located east of the city, especially from the filtration station. To successfully complete this task, the fortified area «Zenith» (together with the position «Cheburashka», both in the south of Avdeevka and in the north of Spartak) required a stable hold for as long as possible.

We recall that it was previously reported that it was not an easy exit from Avdeevka: There are cases of our military being captured.

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