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A bill on mobilization. Who can remove the line: overflow

The bill on mobilization No. 10449, which the Verkhovna began to see in another reading Glad, but low minds for which the right to a sub-line in the mobilization bill was transferred during the war period.

Who can remove the sub-line from the proposal in the “mobilization” bill of minds – read in the materials of the Republic of Belarus K-Ukraine is lower.

Advice to the Verkhovna Rada Committee regarding the bill on mobilization of public people's deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko. Complete with the document, the line must be reserved. Also eligible for release from military service are individuals with disabilities, fathers of three or more minor children, as well as other categories of students, etc.

Families about stay healthy

  • individuals with disabilities are those who have the right to advance to the level of health. They are given an extension of 6 to 12 months, after which they will need to go through the VLK again;
  • those who have three or more children under 18 years of age. It’s quiet that they may be obligated to pay alimony, which will exceed the 3-month obligation;
  • fathers and single mothers, whose friend/friends have died, a sign of anonymity, abolition of father’s rights or interruption є in the relationship;< /li>
  • guardians, foster fathers, foster fathers, who foster children with disabilities until the age of 18;
  • guardians, foster fathers, foster fathers, foster fathers, such as foster fathers the child is ill with serious illness;
  • those who are in the early stages of adulthood, such as those with disabilities of groups I or II;
  • children with disabilities or children with disabilities – but also those who are children at the time of adoption recognized as orphans or saved by father's pikluvaniya ;
  • keeping an eye on the sick squad (person), child and/or their father and mother (father and mother of the squad (person), as she herself will require constant supervision of the senior medical-social expert commission or doctor sko-advisory commission for the protection of healthy people 'I am dead (disappeared), known in obscurity or weightlessly, stunned by death, and my father and mother's friends have no other important members of the family, who can take care of them), as for the senior medical and social The expert commission and the medical advisory commission for the protection of health will require constant scrutiny;
  • guardians of a person declared unfit by the court;
  • who are responsible for the squad (person) with persons with disabilities I chi ІІ group;
  • who form a team (person) due to the disability of the third group, established as a result of cancer, including the absence of a tip, a hand, a foot, a leg, one of the male organs, or for the presence of cancer, mental disorder, cerebral disorder in a person with disability group III paralysis or other paralytic syndromes;
  • who are responsible for one of their fathers with disabilities of group I or group II, or one of their fathers' friends (people) with disabilities of group I or II for the minds of each other And other features that are not subject to military liability and are subject to legal liability They should be removed (in addition to seizures, since such individuals themselves are persons with disabilities, require constant supervision, are under arrest (in addition to house arrest), are subject to punishment in the appearance of imprisonment influence of will). For any number of people with disabilities, only one person with disabilities can supervise the selection of such a person with disabilities. nistyu;
  • members of the family of another level of a controversial individual with a disability I or II groups, engaged in constant supervision of her (no more than one for the minds of members of the family of the first stage of a controversial or other members of this 'and at the first stage of the dispute we ourselves will demand constant supervision of the chief executive Medical and Social Expert Commission and Medical Advisory Commission for Health Protection). Whenever there are members of a family of the first or second stage, the disputed norm is expanded to family members of the third stage of a disputed individual with disability of group I or II;
  • father or mother of the same age ї child, whose person/team is already undergoing military service;
  • those whose close relatives (boyfriend, squad, son, daughter, father, mother or first (full-time) brother or sister) have died or gone missing due to the inevitable participation in the anti-terrorist operation, as well as to the hour of safety national security and defense, allied stream of military aggression against Ukraine during the war;
  • as their close relatives (man, squad, son, daughter, father, mother, brother and sister) were posthumously awarded the title Ger oh Ukraine for the community masculinity, patriotism, heroic stand up for the constitutional ambushes of democracy, human rights and freedoms, self-sacrifice of service to the Ukrainian people, revealed during the hour of the Revolution of Hydnost (leaf fall 2013 – 2014 ).

Students, contributors< /p>

  • students (professional (professional-technical), front-line and high-level illumination) full-time and dual-form students who obtain higher-level, lower-front, as well as doctoral students , insured for training until the internship;
  • scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers laying the foundations of high and fundamental knowledge, scientific institutions and organizations that form the scientific stage, and pedagogical workers laying the foundations of fundamental transport These, professional (professional-technical) illumination, laying of the halal middle illumination, for the smell of the mind work similarly in the deposits of high and advanced advanced education, scientific institutions and organizations, deposits of professional (professional-technical) and secondary education for the main place, the work is not less than 0.75 rates;

Substitute the Posadov recognition

  • the officials of the ministries and their protectors, the officials of state bodies, state government bodies, whose jurisdiction extends to the entire territory of Ukraine;
  • people's deputies of Ukraine, deputies of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;
  • judges, judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, members of the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, members of the Service disciplinary inspectors For the sake of justice, my intercessor, disciplinary inspectors For the sake of justice;
  • the Supreme Leader of Ukraine for human rights;
  • heads and other members of the Rakhunka Chamber;
  • to workers of military administration bodies (administration bodies), military units (divisions) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Armed Forces of Ukraine, State Special Transport Service, State Special Communication Service Information Center of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine , State border services of Ukraine, State Defense Department of Ukraine, the apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, diplomatic services that occupy diplomatic positions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as well as individuals what is the diplomatic rank of the Supervisory and most important Ambassador, and the experts of the installations of the expert service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs certificate of Ukraine;
  • government services, who prepare draft regulations, conduct their legal, scientific, legal examination and/or examination of adopted regulations, government services, who directly implement security functions cybersecurity, cybersecurity and information technology security, robots unbundling of software, database administration, promotion and promotion of new information and communication technologies in bodies that ensure the activity of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine;

Bill on mobilization

We remember that on the 25th, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on mobilization, military service and military service. Ale through low respect yogo was called on the 11th. Also on the 30th of today, the Rada introduced an updated bill, which had already passed its first reading.

After which the Verkhovna Rada Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence reviewed 4 thousand amendments to the bill, which were submitted by people’s deputies.

On the 9th quarter it became clear that the Committee had approved the text of the bill on mobilization until another reading. The document included a provision for the demobilization of military personnel after 36 months of continuous service. This was allocated to the head of the Ministry of Defense Rustem Umerov and the head commander of the ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky.

It is clear that the department will be entrusted with the development of a bill that will regulate the food supply from the military service at any time ї right-wing military regime.

At this hour, the Verkhovna Rada is considering the bill on mobilization in another reading. Read all the issues from the parliament in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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