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DTEK reported the legacy of a massive attack on the power system

As a result of the massive attack on the energy system of Ukraine, two and thermal power plants DTEK, as well as other possession in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a letter to the former director of DTEK Dmitry Sakharuk.

“We have already damaged two stations, the values ​​have changed. for power generation , so that’s how I see it,” he said.

Sakharuk added that as a result of the attack in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the objects of the electricity distribution systems were damaged and destroyed.

The late director of DTEK explained that what made this attack special was not the number of missiles, but the combination of missiles and bombs.

“Those that we are bombarding our stations, the missiles themselves have done the worst damage. We have had such great attacks before. but it hasn’t happened yet,” adding Sakharuk .

It is under attack, which can be called the greatest attack on the energy system of Ukraine.

Sakharuk also proposed that energy specialists carry out primary work in order to heal immoral people to the reserve level of life.

“The ruination is significant. As we have previously said about renewal, then the assistance of all the activities of the participants, companies, and international donors will be required. And the powers especially the Ministry of Energy, the Cabinet of Ministers And yet a little later, if we understand what is most needed “We trust in the assistance of all parties in order to recover as soon as possible after the attack,” he said.

Large-scale attack

On the night of February 22, the fire fighters attacked Ukraine in a massive manner, firing over 150 drones and missiles. The PPO forces shot down 55 Shaheeds and 37 missiles.

Energy was hit by the occupiers. Zokrem, the Russians hit the DniproGES. Vadka Situzia at Kharkovi, Misto Envzntrumlene, є problems with ilnerteet, water, heekens, Elektrothensh transport is not prazu.

in the Ukrenergo, they called the attack on the Enerstika Nybіlshu for the whole hour enemy attacks are dead and wounded, killed in Zaporizhia and Khmelnitsky region.

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