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Massive drone strike: the ZSU learned about the downing of “Shahedi” on the day and the aftermath of the attack

On this day in Ukraine, 26 enemy attacks were defeated by the forces and forces of the PPO ZSU them drones like ” Shahed”, which the Russian occupiers launched for a military attack. The combat robot of the PPO ZSU was tested in several regions.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on the Telegram channel of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

“At night, in the operational zone of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, there was a massive drone attack. The work of the anti-aircraft defense forces was strained for over 5.5 years,” reads the military statement.

Data about the attack on the bottom edges

It means, The result of the combat robot was the killing of 26 “Shaheds”, including:

  • 18 were killed in the Mykolayiv region,
  • 4 – in the Odessa region,
  • 1 in the Kherson region,
  • 1 in the Dnipropetrovsk region,
  • 1 in the Kirovograd region,
  • 1 in the Vinnytsia region.

Feature attacks

“The priority of the goal was to protect infrastructure and agricultural facilities,” the statement reads.

The Viyskovs reported that in Mykolaiv, due to an accident, a fire broke out in one of them, a vibukhovy damaged many of the living buildings, private vehicles of local bags and gas.

In advance we know about one wounded civilian.

Here it is important to respect that the information about the drone attack on Kiev and the region was not stated, and there was also a military operation to kill enemy drones.

Attack of the “Shaheds” on the night of the 11th

Guess what, the Russian military once again launched strikes on Ukraine with kamikaze drones of the “Shahed” type in the evening and at night. In various regions of the region, there was a deafening alarm that lasted for several years.

As reported at the PS, the ZSU, the enemy of this night, on the 11th, launched “Shahedi” in several groups from the day before, and from the last ten days. The warlike drones changed course and wandered through the windy expanse of different regions.

Mikolaiv stumbled under the massive blow – at the place, throughout the night, several times mooned, the battle robot of the defenders of the sky was carried out. In the city they reported about the burning of the grass, but there was no information about the victims. It was also reported about vibrations near the Dnieper border.

In addition, work was carried out on the forces and functions of the PPO at the Kiev border and in the region. Already, the Kiev Municipal Military Administration stated that all the enemy drones that were heading towards the capital were shot down on the approaches to the city.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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