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Russia is creating a new group of troops numbering more than 100 thousand, – Pavlyuk

The commander of the ground forces does not rule out that in the summer the enemy will try to carry out an offensive in one of the directions.

Russia is creating a new group of troops numbering more than 100 thousand, - Pavlyuk

Alexander Pavlyuk Russia is creating a new group of more than 100 thousand military personnel. The commander of the Ground Forces, Alexander Pavlyuk, announced this on the air of a national telethon.

According to him, this group is being formed not necessarily for an offensive, but also to replenish current losses.

“But this is a possibility “There is a possibility that by the beginning of summer they may have certain forces for offensive operations in one of the directions. These are conditional forecasts,” Pavlyuk said.

He noted that the Defense Forces will do everything possible to deliver. the enemy suffers maximum losses and does not allow new forces to enter the battle.

“But we are preparing for any development of the situation,” Pavlyuk added.

He also recalled that Ukraine currently has no advantage in the air, and this allows the enemy to launch powerful airstrikes.

Earlier, Pavlyuk noted that the task of the Defense Forces is to stabilize the front line, regroup as much as possible in order to create a strike force and carry out counterstrike operations this year. At the same time, he noted that he was trying to seize Ukrainian territories as much as possible before the presidential elections in the Russian Federation, so “everything possible and impossible is being rushed to attack.” There are still several “hot” directions left: Avdeevka, the direction of Vremenny Yar, and also Terny towards Liman.


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