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The additional charges will have to go through the VLK again: about the language

The Verkhovna Rada reduced the concept of “obzheno appendage” to service in the ZSU. People who fell under this category of guilt will undergo a reexamination.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a statement sent to the Intercessor Minister of Defense of Ukraine Natalia Kalmikova during the telethon.

“Those people, those who were included in such a VLK as “separated by attachments” will undergo a re-examination, and their affiliation will be determined before service.Kalmikova Golmikova, dad Zmіni to burn lives to dozens of Tysyach people.

“I ry, І і і іnoboni, і іnshі organized, Shchobulovati Pitannya,” yielded. What happened

Today, February 21, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on repeated medical examination of certain people.

With the new innovations, people who were identified before service will be held guilty 9 months to complete the revision medical examination.

The Crimean Verkhovna Rada today generally praised the law for ensuring the rights of military servicemen and police officers to social protection.

New bill on mobilization

It seems likely that the 30th day the order will be reintroduced From the Supreme Court for the sake of a bill on mobilization, military formation and military service . The document, however, proposes to change the order of its implementation.

The draft law contains norms to change the rules for the entry of military conscripts beyond the border, giving one hundred percent “armor” in the form of a call for Ukrainians, allowing the authorities send summons through the electronic account, about reducing the conscription to 25 years, the reduction for evaders and much more.

The new bill is currently under consideration by the National Security Committee. People's deputies have already submitted more than 4 thousand amendments.

How the Rada is working on the bill and what to prepare for – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

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