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The Ombudsman asks border guards to explain what documents and why they require men to cross the border

Lubinets added that, according to the State Border Service, this is due to a large number of cases of document falsification.

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets on the morning of January 1 sent an urgent letter to the State Border Service with a request to provide information about the documents that State Border Guard Service employees require from citizens crossing the state border, as well as the legal basis for such a requirement.

This is stated in a message from Lubinets on social networks.

“On December 31, huge queues formed at various checkpoints. Some people stand for more than a day. The reason: increased control of citizens wishing to travel abroad. In addition, as the media write, border guards are intensively checking the documents of persons with disabilities and their accompanying escorts.” , parents with many children, people who travel along the “Path” system. They also require military registration documents with a record of deferment from mobilization,” said the Ombudsman.

Lubinets added that, according to the State Border Service, this request is associated with a large number of cases of forgery of documents.

At the same time, the Ombudsman emphasized that “no one can be forced to do anything that is not provided for by law,” and “state bodies and their officials are obliged to act within the limits of their powers and in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.”

< “Let me also remind you that the Constitution of Ukraine enshrines: everyone who is legally on the territory of Ukraine is guaranteed freedom of movement, free choice of place of residence, the right to freely leave the territory of Ukraine, with the exception of restrictions established by law,” the Commissioner added. Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights.

What queues at the border and requirements from the State Tax Service are we talking about

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