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The Russian Federation cannot regularly attack Ukraine with missiles on a 29-bit scale, – ISW

Current Russian reserves of missiles and unmanned lethal vehicles, as well as the rate of production Yes, the Russian Federation is not allowed launch regular large-scale missile strikes across Ukraine. At the same time, the aggressor can more consistently attack the country with strike drones of the “Shahed” type.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through communications to the Institute of Foreign War (ISW).

The Institute reported statistics on the production of new missiles by Russia, as the 6th leaf fall was reported by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major General Vadim Skibitsky.

So, according to this data, the year 2023 is due Russians have produced 115 high-precision long-range missiles. Zokrem, 30 Iskander-M missiles, 12 Iskander-K missiles, 20 Kalibr missiles, 40 Kh-101 missiles, 9 Kh-32 missiles and 4 Kinjal aeroballistic missiles were produced.

During the leaf fall, the Russians had a small number of 870 high-precision operational-strategic and strategic missiles in reserve, and during the leaf fall this number increased by 285 units.

“Although Ukrainian officials recently announced that the Russian Armed Forces have frequently renewed their reserves of missiles, declaring Skibitsky about the remaining stale Russian missile reserves and monthly rates in There is information to confirm that the Russian army is not in a position to withstand repeated large-scale missile strikes, on the basis of the attack 29 Breasts. Zokrema, under the hour of a large-scale strike, the aggressor fired five Kinjal missiles at Ukraine – the very same number of systems of this type that the Russian Federation produces for thousands of hours,” according to the star.

At the same time, according to ISW data, Powders can vibrolat with valid pace of the power of the power “Shahed-136/131”, one of the deprivation of the bone of the barn of the vibro-tsiy cich Aparativ in the Alabuzky special zone at Resbubusky Tatarstan.

The Institute of Science and International Security on the 13th of leaf fall reported what will happen after a one-month shutdown in the plant industry, during the dead of 2023, the enterprise in Alabuzia plans to produce 1,400 lotniks “Shahed-136”. And by the spring of 2025, the government plans to produce 6,000 drones of this type.

“In this way, the Russian military will probably be able to deliver more subsequent strikes with Shahads, not with missiles, but sooner or Ukrainian officials”, – means ISW.

Largest-scale shelling of Ukraine since February 24, 2022

On Friday, the 29th, Russia launched a large-scale missile attack on Ukraine with the beginning of a full-scale war.

In the evening, the aggressor released kamikaze drones, and then fired at the area with missiles of various types, including hypersonic ones . The raid across Ukraine released 158 hostile targets, and the PPO forces managed to shoot down 114 targets.

Due to the fall of missiles and missiles in various regions, in addition to other data, more than 30 people died, and another 160 – got caught early .

US President Joe Biden strongly condemned the Russian shelling of Ukraine. The head of the White House noted that the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin intends to save Ukraine and its people, and added that there is no trace of it.

The permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Sergei Kislitsa noted that the docks of Russia I am here to infuse confidence and integrity for the sake of Be safe, it will be possible to kill innocent people in Ukraine and beyond.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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