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What does the exit of the ZSU from Avdiivka mean and how does it affect the situation at the front: thoughts of experts

The Ukrainian military came out after several months of baked Russian assaults from the town of Avdiivka, which was located near the occupied Donetsk . This is an excellent decision, praising the head commander of the ZSU, Oleksandr Sirsky, for saving the lives of the military and putting pressure on them.

The importance of Avdiivka is small for Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and even the impact of the ZSU on the situation yu at the front, – in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the comments of military experts Oleksandr Musienko and Oleksiya Hetman were reviewed.

What is known about the exit from Avdiivka

Avdiivka, which is what everyone knows about only kilometers from Donetsk, has been trimming the defense against Russian prisons since 2014.

After the start of a large-scale invasion in 2022, the Ukrainian forces in Avdiivtsi continued to hold down their defense. The main battle for the place began four months after the Russian occupiers began their intense offensive.

After months of bitter struggle for Avdiivka, when the Russians began their “butchery assault” “, dozens of units of equipment and bombed by dozens of air bombs, the Ukrainian command decided to withdraw the troops from the place.

This happened after the Ukrainian troops in Avdiivtsi faced the threat of exile.

“In a situation where the enemy is advancing on the corpses of their own soldiers from ten to one shells, under constant bombardment, there is only the right decision. Extension is not allowed, a special warehouse has been withdrawn, our soldiers have taken up defensive positions at important lines,” – belt Nyuvav komanduvach na tsomu directly Oleksandr Tarnavsky.

Photo: the situation in Avdiivka on February 16 (deepstatemap.live)

How important Avdiivka is is small

According to military expert Oleksandr Musienko, Avdiivka is small and politically important for the world in, but for Russia – First of all, it’s more political.

“For them, this is the main point of the population, which they can call a “great victory,” especially ahead of the elections in Russia. Putin can talk about those that are “raking Donbass,” ” They are protecting Donetsk from shelling.” The propaganda effect is significant,” he explained.

In addition, the Russians may move further from Avdiivka, for example to Pokrovsk, or even today, as having noted Musienko, they will need to take a break to renew their strength and resources after colossal expenses. As Ukraine is in trouble, the defense operation in Avdiivtsi, according to the expert, allowed one of the tasks to be eliminated, as head Sirsky said, – a decrease in the combat potential of the enemy, which will lead to greater expenses.

At the same time, as military expert Oleksiy Hetman said in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine, Avdiivka was important for the Ukrainian troops in a tactful sense.

“It was possible to trim with artillery fire under the control of the city of Donetsk. We they didn’t fire at him, but the Russians knew “That's why the Russians didn't have warehouses or military hubs there,” he explained.

The ZSU finally left Avdiivka for the front

In Hetman's mind, after the Ukrainian forces left Avdiivka, Sutt Our changes at the front it’s not clear.

“If our tactical failure were to fail, otherwise, if we analyze the entire similar front, then there will be no such changes. It is better for all Russians to hesitate, because Avdiivka is a great height, and further down there are lowlands and advancing mountains, where possible trim the defense, for 15 -20 kilometers on approach from Avdiivka. Most likely, the Ukrainian main forces will go there, and the axis of the area between Avdiivka and the offensive hills will be under the control of the Ukrainian troops, “to control the actions of Russians,” he told RBC-Ukraine.

As the expert noted, the continuation of the offensive is unlikely and unforeseen for the Russians, the remains of the stink will be under Ukrainian fire control. Also, the enemy needs to regroup and bring into harmony the people who recognized the current losses under Avdiivka.

“The situation will be similar to Bakhmut, if the Russians also stated that they would immediately attack further, and then stuck in. In the near future, put new ones through Russians don’t need to be on the lookout, they decided to set the task before the so-called presidential elections. Therefore, I don’t think they have such plans,” Hetman explained.

Musienko appreciates that the exit from Avdiivka may be delayed on the situation on the current front, for example Vugledar and Mar'inka.

“It is not excluded that some positions there will also have to be dealt with, so as not to expose the insecurity of our friends there. We will have to do so singing maneuver “to strengthen the front line and not to eliminate insecurity for our positions,” adding wine.

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