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Where to apply via a secure payment: clarification from the Minister of Energy

Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko explained to the citizens where to go in case of doubt For the correctness of the sum, indicated in payments for electricity.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this after sending an official to comment on the national telethon “United News”.

According to the minister’s words, there are many ways to Yasuvannya, it was right that the sum for the light was charged.

“If you are willing to pay attention and care that the sum is unfairly inflated or not properly insured, then, first of all, you can go back to the power supply company so that they check and overinsure,” – this is the first option.

Another way is annexation to the National Commission, which is the current state of regulation in the spheres of energy and public services (NKREKP).

“As we are not satisfied and believe that there is no contact or understanding, otherwise we are so respectful, then we є NKREKP, where it has the right to brutalize skarga,” – like Galushchenko.

The head of the Ministry of Energy added that the special commission may reconsider “the fairness and injustice of the situation.”

The situation with tariffs for light

It seems likely that at the end of the year 2023 the fate of the prime minister page Denis Shmigal, stating that the Cabinet of Ministers continued the tariffs for electricity for the population until the end of the doom cycle. We have noted that for everyday living the price of electricity becomes 2.64 UAH per kW/year.

It was also reported that last year in Ukraine they significantly increased light tariffs for business. The decisions of NKREKP have increased the marginal price.

At the beginning of today, the head of the Ministry of Energy German Galushchenko announced that until the end of the current heating season there will be no increase in tariffs for light for the population.

Disconnected I'm for the Borgs

Previously reported , that at the end of 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers has imposed restrictions on the payment of housing and communal services, a reduction in penalties (fines, penalties) and a reduction in the payment of housing and communal services for the population in case of non-payment.

Yak stated in NKREKP, allowed on Connection of power supply workers is a necessary period for the normal operation of the energy system.

For days, General Director of Yasno Serhiy Kovalenko stated that the Kiev energy supply company plans to begin connecting power supply workers to electricity as early as 29 chnya.

Dadamo, recently At the Cabinet of Ministers, Yak Ekonomiti on Elektroenergi without Pilg, that touched about the izhi visa.

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