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Deception when identifying pensioners: the Pension Fund explained how not to get hooked by scammers

ByJohn Newman

Feb 24, 2024

All pensioners who received internally displaced person status before February 24 of the year before last must undergo mandatory identification of the person at the Pension Fund before March 31 of the current year in order not to lose the right to receive their payments, which is not the attackers failed to take advantage.

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Deception when identifying pensioners: the Pension Fund explained how not to get caught by scammers

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The NBN writes about the fact that scammers are trying to mislead the elderly citizens of our country by dragging them into a dubious “identification” process, referring to a warning posted on the official Facebook account of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU) ).

As it became known, unknown persons introduce themselves as employees of the PFU, and they ask pensioners-immigrants who have not yet passed physical verification of their identity for the details of their bank cards.

The PFU officially declare – neither sending an application regarding physical identification via video conferencing, neither for the verification procedure itself, nor for prolongation or renewal of accrual of payments, authorized employees of the department are not required to obtain data on bank card details to confirm the identity of a pensioner, since such innovations are not provided for. ;one norm of the current legislation.

Thus, in a situation where a pensioner is bothered with the proposal described above, the fact of fraud should be reported to the National Police of Ukraine.

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