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Experts have uncovered a number of critical vulnerabilities in smartphone wireless charging

ByJohn Newman

Feb 28, 2024

Some very convenient “devices” can be transformed into hacking tools, and not at all because the user carelessly downloaded malicious software.

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About the fact that, according to a new study conducted by specialists from the University of Florida and IT cybersecurity experts from the company CertiK, a serious vulnerability was identified in wireless chargers, writes NBN.

As it became known, cyberterrorists are able to redirect electromagnetic pulses that are generated by charging stations to cause damage, including hacking, for devices running on both iOS and Android, not excluding an increased risk of overheating batteries of the “gadget” to critical temperature conditions, which can lead to its ignition.

In particular, the problem lies in the fact that attackers manipulate the flow of electricity entering the charger, forming a similar “interruptions”, which are then used to adjust the density of the magnetic field required for charging, without physical intervention in the device itself, but only through changes in the intensity of inputs from the electrical network.

In addition, this method can be used to activate hidden voice commands on a smartphone/tablet, opening the way to gaining full control—hackers will “leak” personal data (passwords/logins) into the Network or even directly destroy the device by overheating.

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