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iPhone functionality vs. Android: experts named 5 unique Apple features

ByJohn Newman

Jan 24, 2024

Many owners of “gadgets” on the Android operating system speak disdainfully about the products of the American company Apple, apparently not fully revealing the full potential of the iPhone.

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<img title=" Functionality of iPhone vs. Android: experts named 5 unique “chips” of Apple" src="https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/7a789db6e67ab0e277d4712667300800.jpg" alt="Functionality of iPhone vs. Android: experts named 5 unique “chips” of Apple , as it seems due to an excessive marketing campaign by the manufacturer from Cupertino, since American “devices” have functions that would be worth adding to Android smartphones, writes “NBN”, referring to iTECHua material.

В&nbsp ;in particular, the iPhone has:

  • a “focus” mode that allows you to independently configure which applications/contacts will display notifications;
  • a list of “short commands” that remind you when you need to leave the house, convert file extensions that read text and many similar things;
  • Face ID application, which expands the level of phone protection;
  • Spotlight application, which opens up the possibility of quick search necessary files, contacts, applications and notes;
  • “shake” gesture to cancel any action.

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