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ISW named three key sectors of the front to which the occupiers are trying to draw reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Defense Forces will need to make enormous efforts to protect Ukraine from the advance of Putin's army if the United States continues to delay the provision of military assistance.

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About the fact that now the Russian occupation army is carrying out operational actions in at least three directions, without a common strategic goal, but this allows the invaders to gain certain tactical advantages in any of the selected sectors, NBN writes, citing ;Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to ISW analysts, the efforts of the “second army of the world” in the Limansky, Chasovoyarsky and Pokrovsky sectors of the front are pursuing important goals from an operational perspective, but these operations do not support each other in any way, and the occupiers are still not stop alternating emphasis between these areas, rather than concentrating on all three at the same time.

In addition, since at this stage of the war, the Defense Forces were faced with a significant shortage of both artillery shells and equipment Air defense, “liberators” are trying to make the most of this deficiency in order to reduce the defense potential of Ukraine in the context of a shortage of weapons.

In particular, Putin’s army forces the defenders to redistribute their defense resources and reserves in the theater of operations ” in the above directions, thus forming vulnerabilities on the line of contact, which can later be exploited.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that ISW revealed the intentions of the Russian Federation to create a stable “infofield” to accuse Ukraine of terrorist attacks.

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