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ISW pointed out the inability of Putin’s army to “blitzkrieg”, using Avdievka as an example

ByJohn Newman

Feb 17, 2024

Today, February 16, information was received from the commander of the OSGV “Tavria” Alexander Tarnavsky – a decision was made regarding the withdrawal of units from a position in the southeast of Avdeevka, the so-called “Zenith”, but the city itself and was not taken by the occupiers.

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ISW pointed out the inability of Putin’s army to “blitzkrieg”, using Avdeevka as an example

Photo – screenshot from TG video.

About the fact that at Avdiivka the “second army of the world” has again demonstrated a complete inability to implement a successful operational encirclement or coverage on the front line in Ukraine, writes NBN “, citing findings published by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

ISW analysts emphasize that despite the invaders’ attempts to urgently encircle the Defense Forces in Avdeevka at the very beginning of the offensive last year in October, the “liberators” were not able to execute the quick maneuver required either to encircle or to encircle .

Note that operational encirclement is a maneuver when attacking units fully encircle and then eliminate enemy forces, and during similar envelopment, attacking troops set themselves the goal of bypassing the enemy’s key defensive positions, capturing objects behind fortifications, thereby destroying the defenders on their held positions.

Experts from the Institute for the Study of War rightfully state that Putin’s army was unable to achieve either one or the other, while such a failure concerns not only Avdiivka, but&nbsp ;and any identical operation of the occupiers on the territory of Ukraine.

Thus, the repeated impotence of the Russian Federation in performing an effective encirclement at the operational level (“blitzkrieg”), indicates that Putin’s army, Apparently, it will continue to advance through a gradual, insignificant tactical advance, instead of moving to broader maneuvers that could lead to the accelerated movement or elimination of key groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We previously wrote about how Zelensky commented on the situation in Avdiivka.


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