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IT specialists named electrical appliances next to which a Wi-Fi router should not be placed

ByJohn Newman

Jan 15, 2024

You can improve the quality of the Wi-Fi signal by choosing the optimal location of the router, that is, just by avoiding placing the wireless router next to certain household appliances.

IT specialists named electrical appliances near which you should not place a Wi-Fi router

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About what types of electrical appliances It’s better not to install it near a Wi-Fi router, writes NBN, citing material from The Sun.

Some TVsstill have large metal components, which absorb electromagnetic radiation from a Wi-Fi router, which causes a sharp drop in the speed of connecting to the Internet.

Bluetooth speakers and baby monitorssometimes operate at the same radio frequency as Wi-Fi – it is likely that difficulties will arise with the simultaneous operation of both them and the router.

Microwave ovens can often “clog” the Wi-Fi frequency with their electromagnetic waves, which leads to disruption of stable operation “ device” that distributes the Network.

Electric ovens and refrigerators are also mainly made of metal, and, due to their large size, negatively affect the “power” of the Wi-Fi signal, “ absorbing” waves.

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