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Syrsky named the date set by Putin’s army as a “deadline” for the capture of Chasovoy Yar

ByJohn Newman

Apr 14, 2024

Earlier, the Russian occupation forces, taking advantage of the numerical advantage and various motivational factors (for example, executions of “cowards”), were able to advance separate groups of infantry to the “Novy” microdistrict (Chasov Yar), but were eventually eliminated by attacks FPV drones and artillery fire from the Defense Forces.

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Syrsky named the date set by Putin’s army as the “deadline” for the capture of Chasovoy Yar

Photo – facebook.com/CinCAFofUkraine

About the fact that, in the opinion of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian generals have set the task of their army to capture Chasovoy Yar by May 9, writes NBN , referring to the official Facebook profile of Colonel General Alexander Syrsky.

According to Syrsky, the occupiers are now concentrating efforts to break through the defense positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the west of Bakhmut, trying to reach the Seversky Donets canal. Donbass, to capture the settlement of Chasov Yar, thereby creating the conditions for the subsequent advance to the Kramatorsk agglomeration. However, here the implementation of such plans of Putin’s army is hampered by the heroic defense of the brigades, literally biting into the ground and holding back the daily attacks of the “liberators.”

In addition, with the aim of raising the level of response to the enemy’s actions to adequate, that is, to strengthen the defense potential of our troops in the indicated direction, appropriate measures have already been taken—the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received a sufficient amount of ammunition, drones and electronic warfare equipment.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Syrsky revealed the reasons for the significant aggravation of the situation on the Eastern Front.


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