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Artem Pivovarov radically changed his image in a new video with Durnev

As part of the author’s cultural project “Your Poems, My Notes,” the famous singer Artem Pivovarov performed with a new group called “The Mustache.” The first work of the group was the song “About Panel”, created based on a poem by the outstanding Ukrainian poet Pavel Tychyna, writes WomanEL.

The group also included Alexey Durnev and Mark Kutsevalov, known as “Lions on a Jeep” and others. The idea of ​​collaboration had been around for a long time, and in the end they created something unique. The song “About Panel” differs from previous works of the project “Your Poems, My Notes” in its bright approach and visualization. She is full of positive energy and humor, which is especially important in the modern world. The video for this song, like a short film, emphasizes the importance of “mustachioed funk” in the history of Ukrainian music.

Artem Pivovarov with a mustache and the group The Mustache — a new wave of Ukrainian musical culture. Source: instagram.com/pivovarovmusic

Due to participation in the project “The Mustache”, the participants revealed their acting and musical abilities to the fullest. For example, Valik from “Lions on a Jeep” tried his hand at drums for the first time, and Artem Pivovarov demonstrated his talented improvisation in dancing. He also surprised with his new image in bright clothes and a mustache.

The new project not only brings freshness to the musical space, but reminds of the importance of creative experiments and the integration of world trends into domestic culture. “The Mustache” is not only a group, but also a new stage in the development of the Ukrainian music scene.

By the way, Marta Adamchuk recently released a confessional song that heals hearts.

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