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Forced migrant Stepan: where did the 15-year-old cat-blogger move again

There was no news about where the star cat-blogger Stepan disappeared for several weeks. Once again, the forced migrant only said that he had left Kharkov with his family and was heading to Europe, writes WomanEL.

Finally, after all the troubles, Stepan got in touch with his concerned fans. He wrote on Instagram that after leaving Kharkov he settled in Germany and published photos of himself and Stephanie’s cats in their new home.

Stefania and Stepan. Source: Instagram

Dear friends! We have found our new home in Germany. I feel myself good. Thank you for your support,

the message says.

At the end of January, Stepan fell ill due to stress from the constant shelling of Kharkov. At the beginning of February, he completely disappeared from social networks, where he has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

This greatly worried a fan of the Kharkov cat blogger. They even suspected that the cat, and maybe his patron Anna, had been kidnapped.

Forced migrant Stepan. Source: Instagram

Now everything is fine with Stepan and his wife Stefania, they are in a safe place. But it’s a pity that due to constant shelling and health problems, the 15-year-old cat was forced to become a refugee again…

We previously wrote about how Stepan’s cat’s wedding went with his 13-year-younger bride.

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