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How to Walk Properly After 65: Avoid the Following Clothes

Experts say that if you're planning on starting a new walking routine, your walking wardrobe should match it. There is a saying throughout Scandinavia: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. How to walk correctly in old age?

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If If you are over 65 years old, WomanEL asks you to avoid certain types of clothing. Some of them cause chafing, sweating or sunburn while walking:

How to walk properly after 65 years: the worst clothes

Cotton base layers

Joyce Shulman, author of Why Walk? Discover the Transformative Power of an Intentional Walking Practice,” says choosing the right base layers is especially important when walking over the age of 65.

She recommends avoiding cotton near your skin. “Avoiding cotton socks and other cotton base layers will help you stay dry and warm in cool weather and dry in warm weather,” she says, noting that cotton doesn't dry and wick moisture as effectively as other fabrics.


Even if the sky is cloudy, you shouldn't wear a raincoat if you're over 65, says stylist Elizabeth Kosich. She advises taking one with you and using it only in truly adverse conditions, and choosing a jacket with enough ventilation to avoid overheating, sweating and chafing.

Rain jackets protect against wetness, but tend to trap heat and keep out air when worn for a long time. In addition, the material should not absorb moisture, which means it is not breathable and does not wick away moisture.

How to walk correctly after 65 years: the worst shoes

Hiking shoes

Hiking boots are ideal for tackling really rough terrain, but Kosich advises against wearing them for everyday walking.

You might think that hiking and walking shoes are interchangeable, but that's not true. Hiking boots have heavy treads that slow you down on the streets and don't have enough cushioning. They are also bulky on soft surfaces such as sand. Today's shoe technology is advanced, so make sure your shoes are suitable for your activity to ensure maximum comfort, performance and safety.

New sneakers

A long walk is not the time to test out new sneakers. The risk of blisters and calluses is high and is enough to quickly put an end to any outing. Instead, break in your new sneakers gradually, wearing them at home and on short errands first before going on long walks. Additionally, consider orthotic inserts for additional support. Your feet will thank you!

How to walk properly after 65 years: the worst accessories

How to dress for a walk, Source: freepik.com

100 percent wool scarves

As noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US, older people are more prone to heat stress and do not adapt to temperature changes as easily as younger people.

Wool scarves provide warmth, although they tend to overheat the body as physical activity increases. It's best to avoid 100% wool and choose wool blends to balance the rise in body temperature.

Clothing and sunglasses without UV protection

Sunscreen is just your first line of defense against the sun when you go outdoors. You should also choose clothing and sunglasses that provide adequate UV protection. Your eyes can also be damaged by the sun, so quality sunglasses are important any time of year.

Hats without a strap

For long walks, Kosich recommends always choosing a hat with a strap. Windy weather forces us to constantly fiddle, fuss and adjust our hats outside. Reduce stress by purchasing a hat with a durable chin strap to keep your hands free.

The stylist recommends buying comfortable styles that fold and unfold easily, are machine washable, and protect from UV rays.

< p>If walking seems boring to you and you want to start running, then it’s important to dress correctly here too. Here are some rules.

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