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Nemo is a non-binary participant in Eurovision 2024: what is known about the winners

On the night of May 12, the world learned the new winner of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest 2024. The winner of the musical event was the 24-year-old Swiss performer Nemo (Nemo Mettler) with the song “The Code,” reports WomanEL.

The artist is already known as a musician and producer in his country and is the winner of many Swiss music awards, and now also the winner of the Eurovision 2024 Cup. Before the ESC final, he was awarded the Marcel Bezençon Prize in the artist category.

Interestingly, Nemo is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Therefore, they created a powerful statement of identity with the track “The Code,” in which they sing about their thorny path, and that they were able to find Heaven and break the code. The composition contains an extraordinary combination of rap, opera, pop music and drum and bass.

In general, the celebrity in his music touches on topics such as gender identity, mental health and finding one’s place in this world.

In addition, the performers can play the piano, drums and violin. At the age of 15, Nemo began creating and publishing music in the Swiss dialect. They studied solo singing in jazz and pop genres at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK).

In 2015, the musicians made their debut with his solo mini-album “Clownfisch”. In 2016, Nemo gained great popularity at the rap battle “Cypher”.

They released 4 albums: “Clownfisch” (2015), “Momänt-Kids” (2016), “Fundbüro” (2017) and “Whatever Feels Right” (2022).

Recall that Nemo broke the cup a few minutes after the victory.

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