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What does it mean if you can't fart: is it a symptom of an illness?

Most of us don't want to pass gas, especially in public. Although holding back farts is not the best idea for our health, sometimes we do everything to avoid embarrassment. However, there is a big difference between being unwilling and unable to do so. Why can't I fart? Does this indicate that there is something wrong with your health?

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Sometimes it's not a big deal, but there are situations when this symptom can become a cause for concern. WomanEL will help you figure it out.

How many times a day is it normal to fart

This may seem excessive, but the average person farts between 13 and 21 times a day, according to Houston Methodist. Moreover, our gases can spread quite quickly, at about 3 meters per second. Flatulence is most often a product of our diet: dairy, sugar, beans and whole grains are among the foods known to cause gas.

In particular, coffee, eggs, asparagus and onions can cause particularly unpleasant odors. However, if you're struggling to pass gas but can't, gastroenterologist Lisa Ganjhu told Self that our stress levels may have something to do with it.

Why I can’t fart: a harmless reason

Dr. Ganjhu explained that the lower gastrointestinal tract contains two sets of muscles known as the internal and external sphincters. While the internal sphincter functions autonomously, the external sphincter is a voluntary muscle, so we may contract the back of the body in an attempt to suppress gas. When farting is imminent, the internal sphincter communicates with the external sphincter, telling it to relax and allow the gases to escape. However, if we feel stressed, our muscles, including the external sphincter, remain tense. If this muscle remains tight, you may not be able to fart.

But this is not usually a health problem and will inevitably go away at one point or another. To help this, try a few relaxation techniques: get up and move around or do a gentle abdominal massage.

Why I can't fart: bowel obstruction

How to tell if you have a bowel obstruction, Source : freepik.com

An intestinal obstruction prevents food and stool from passing properly through the digestive tract. It can be the result of a hernia, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, tumors, or ingestion of a foreign object, among other potential causes. Along with bloating, severe pain or cramping, vomiting and loud sounds coming from the abdomen, inability to pass gas is another potential symptom of a bowel obstruction, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

People with certain medical conditions or people People who have recently had abdominal surgery may be especially susceptible to developing intestinal obstruction. Without treatment, a person may experience constipation, loss of appetite, infection, fever, or an inability to keep down food or liquids. In rare cases, intestinal obstruction can be fatal.

Get medical help right away if you feel gas but cannot fart, or if you experience any additional gastrointestinal symptoms.

We are sure you have healthy stool? We recently listed its main signs: check yourself.

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