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What is a rebound relationship: sign No. 1 that yours is just like that

Let me describe a scene that might sound familiar: you're drinking with a friend and she's talking about a new guy she's been on a couple of dates with. He's sweet, funny, handsome, but there's just one little thing: he just got out of a long-term relationship. You're clearly concerned about how quickly he entered into a new relationship and how it could hurt your friend. But is it? Is their partnership doomed to failure (and tears) just because it comes right after a breakup? If you're wondering what a rebound relationship is, this scenario describes it exactly.

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WomanEL I decided to delve into this issue and find out whether such a couple really has no future.

What is a rebound relationship

A rebound relationship is a relationship which begin after one or both partners have recently experienced a breakup. These relationships typically begin before the person has healed from a previous relationship or experienced its end.

Signs you may be in a relationship on the rebound:

  • Your partner often compares you to his ex;
  • He constantly brings up his ex;
  • He keeps talking about breaking up;
  • He has made changes to his appearance to attract new relationships;
  • It feels like he is using new relationships to ease the heartache of a breakup.

Why do people strive for relationships on the rebound?

A relationship on the rebound most often means that the person has not healed from a previous breakup, Source: freepik.com

There are many reasons by which a person can join them. According to therapist Jeff Yu, these include:

  • He has a hard time being alone;
  • He wants to get back at his ex by showing how happy he is and how easily he can start a new relationship ;
  • He is looking for a distraction from the grief he may be experiencing due to the breakup of a previous relationship;

How long do rebound relationships typically last?

These types of relationships tend to be short-lived, ranging from a month to less than a year. Their ending occurs due to incompatibilities that may have been overlooked at first. Yu adds that while some relationships recover, most start off hot and fast, move forward quickly, and fizzle out just as quickly.

This does not mean that each of them is doomed to failure. A person who enters a relationship after a breakup is able to process the breakup in a healthy way. He can take actions and initiate lifestyle choices that will allow him to deal with his emotional baggage without using his current relationships to do so.

What to do if your relationship is on the rebound

So, you find yourself in a relationship on the rebound, right? As noted above, they won't necessarily be short-lived, but there are some things to keep in mind when entering into such a relationship. First of all, boundaries are your best friend. It is important to recognize that the other person may need space to heal from a previous relationship. Encourage him to use this space to work on himself. If you have a genuine connection, setting boundaries and being respectful can allow the other person to work through their emotions from the previous relationship while working on the new relationship. It's helpful to seek advice from a therapist.

On the other hand, if you've recently gone through a breakup and are tempted to rush into a rebound relationship, Yu says it's crucial to do some self-reflection. He says, “I suggest working on yourself, focusing on healing your wounds, and letting a professional help you build your self-esteem before you enter into a new romantic relationship.”

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