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Artificial intelligence is changing the rules on the battlefield: what makes it unique

 Искусственный интеллект меняет правила на поле боя: в чем уникальность

Photo: artificial intelligence changes the rules on the battlefield (GettyImages) Author: Vladislav Priymenko

Military organizations believe that human factors must be a key element in artificial intelligence operations.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to FoxNews.

Artificial intelligence is such a powerful technology that the Pentagon is investing heavily in its development. The US Department of Defense is working on approximately 800 projects related to AI, with the goal of using it to improve the efficiency of its operations and gain an advantage over its rivals.

One of the most impressive applications of artificial intelligence technology has emerged in Israel, where the country's Defense Forces, shortly before the Hamas terrorist attack, introduced its Barak tank with artificial intelligence, which can create a 360-degree view of the battlefield for active crews.

Germany's developments in artificial intelligence have made a big impression on weapons testers around the world. Berlin has unveiled a virtual reality weapons testing environment that allows for faster and larger-scale weapons testing than was previously possible.

The developers of the GhostPlay project from the company 21 Strategies claim that modeling complex scenarios of military battles allows us to develop new, more effective options for action.

According to 21strategies CEO Yvonne Hofstetter, options allow for more “human-like” decisions to be made based on modeled departments.

In June 2023, Australia, the UK and the US held joint military exercises, during which they deployed a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence. The drones detected and tracked military targets in an environment simulating a real combat situation.

The US Department of Defense has announced plans to create a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence. These drones will be deployed on land, sea and in the air to give the US an advantage in the military confrontation with China, which is also actively developing autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles.

Three military systems were tested in the southwest of England: the Challenger 2 tank, the Warrior armored vehicle and the Viking unmanned ground vehicle. Testing by the UK's Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) has shown that the systems can communicate effectively with each other. This means allies can reduce duplication efforts and increase the efficiency of their military operations.

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